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Vulnerability Scanning - Our Solution

Cyber threads or cyber threats that can affect your IT via the Internet are constantly increasing. Every day, the press reports new cases in which companies have fallen victim to cyber attacks. Often, security gaps are exploited that would have been easy for experts to detect, meaning that a successful attack could have been prevented.

Vulnerability scans are therefore already required by law as an effective countermeasure in sensitive and highly regulated areas as a protective measure.

The configuration and professional operation of vulnerability scanners is a task that requires very specialized know-how. Save your valuable resources and outsource the operation and management of the vulnerability scanners to us.

Our automated vulnerability scans give you a comprehensive and cost-effective overview of existing cyber threats to your IT at any time. We use a framework of various services and tools to be able to recreate the current threat situation for your assets in as much detail as possible.

The daily reports help you, among other things, to optimize your patch, change and release processes and can alert you before critical vulnerabilities are exploited by potential attackers.

You decide how often and with what intensity our scanners examine your IT.

With our expert knowledge, we are also available at any time to analyze the vulnerabilities found and to work with you to develop practical and tailored solutions to close the security gaps.

Our vulnerability scanners receive daily updates of their signatures, which can quickly identify the latest threats to your infrastructure.

To provide basic coverage, the scanners can examine your infrastructure at the network gateways to the Internet. However, you will receive more comprehensive protection if our components are set up and operated within your DMZ (demilitarized zone) or in your internal network. This also provides protection against insiders and other attackers who already have access to your internal network.

Functional features
  • Vulnerability scan for individual network addresses or entire network areas

  • Vulnerability database with over 50,000 known vulnerabilities as a basis

  • Comprehensive reports on every vulnerability found

  • Classification of the vulnerability into four criticality classes (High, Medium, Low, Info)

  • Assessment of the vulnerability according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System

  • Proposed solution for each vulnerability

  • Scan interval freely configurable

  • Automated delivery of reports via email or online portal

Security Features
  • Reporting by email optionally with strong encryption

  • Reporting via the online portal with strong encryption

  • 24/7 availability monitoring of the scanning platform

  • On-premises solution possible (setting up a scanner on-site in your network)

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