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External safety officer

In many cases, it does not make economic sense for small and medium-sized companies to employ an information security specialist in their own company. Nevertheless, in times of increased threats, the legislature is increasingly demanding comprehensive know-how in matters of cyber security and cyber crime, even in economically difficult environments.

We take on the role of expert for you efficiently and effectively and relieve you of the burden of questions regarding the appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of technical solutions.

The tasks of an external information security officer include:

  • Establishing IS governance and introducing an ISMS (rules and processes)

  • Technical inventory of the status of information security in the company

  • Development of an IT architecture that reconciles security needs and economic efficiency

  • Introducing information security risk management

  • Planning and initiating risk mitigation measures

  • Creating awareness among employees and service providers through training and information campaigns

  • Project support

  • (Prevent,) process and document security incidents

  • Coordination of forensic investigations and, if necessary, cooperation with the authorities

  • Continuous improvement

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Security officer according to §166 TKG

According to Section 166 Paragraph 1 of the Telecommunications Act, in addition to the obligation to submit a security concept, there is an obligation to appoint a security officer.

This role can be outsourced. This task usually only requires a few days of work per year. So save your internal resources, save yourself the costly development of internal know-how and instead rely on our experienced experts. We will work with you to agree on the "necessary technical precautions and other measures", create your security concept in accordance with Section 166 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) and take care of all coordination with the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

We will then continue to be available as a contact for you and the BNetzA and will take care of maintaining the necessary documentation.

In addition, we are always available to you as a competent partner in the event of audits by the BNetzA.

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