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ISMS Consulting - Our consulting services for your security
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Establishing an information security management system (ISMS) is the most sustainable way to strengthen your information security. The ISMS defines processes and standards, the implementation of which ensures the best possible security of your information assets.

Blackfort Technology provides valuable services related to the development and operation of information security management systems to help you achieve your security goals in a cost-effective manner.

In addition to the consulting services described here, you will also find a description of our technical solutions on the subject of information and IT security on our website.

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Establishment of information security management systems

Setting up an ISMS is a challenge for companies of all sizes. Rely on our experience and know-how to set up your ISMS in a targeted, appropriate and effective manner.

Optimization of information security management systems
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We would be happy to work with you to measure the maturity of your ISMS or your actual technical information and IT security. We will then present the results to you and work with you to develop an action plan to raise your information security to an appropriate level.

Training measures / training
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Continuous training and instruction for your employees is an integral part of every information security management system. We have experience in designing and conducting training and practical courses.

Awareness events
Awareness events
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Every single employee in a company contributes to information security. The necessary attention and caution when handling information should be supported on an ongoing basis with awareness campaigns. To leave a lasting impression, these events can also include hacking demonstrations. We show your employees on site in a practical and clear way what attacks you could face in reality.

internal audit
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Fester Bestandteil jedes ISMS nach ISO 27001 ist das so genannte "Interne Audit". Hierbei wird das ISMS und die gesamte Informationssicherheitsorganisation auf Angemessenheit und Wirksamkeit untersucht. Auch wenn der Name dies nicht direkt vermuten lässt, können Sie das interne Audit von externen Spezialisten durchführen lassen.

Sichern Sie sich eine objektive und neutrale Bewertung Ihrer Sicherheit und sprechen Sie uns an!

Management Review / Management Assessment
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Key topics relating to the ISMS should be presented to the company's top management on an annual basis. This enables top management to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the ISMS and take action if necessary. We provide support in the preparation and follow-up of the management review and ensure that the content of the management review covers all key topics relating to your information security.

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