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ISMS Consulting - Unsere Beratungsleistungen für Ihre Sicherheit

Establishing an information security management system (ISMS) is the most sustainable way to strengthen your information security. The ISMS defines processes and standards, the implementation of which ensures the best possible security of your information assets.

Blackfort Technology provides valuable services related to the development and operation of information security management systems to help you achieve your security goals in a cost-effective manner.

Penetration testing

Penetration tests, often simply called pentests, give your company a detailed picture of the resilience of your IT against attacks.

Our experts carry out an attack using the same tools that professional attackers use in real attack scenarios.


Im Quelltext einer Anwendung können Sicherheitslücken noch während der Entwicklung gefunden werden. Bei einer darauf ausgerichteten Prüfung handelt es sich um einen sogenannten "Code review", "Source code review" oder auch "Quellcode Prüfung".

External Information Security Officer (external ISB)

In many cases, it does not make economic sense for small and medium-sized companies to employ an information security specialist in their own company. Nevertheless, in times of increased threats, the legislature is increasingly demanding comprehensive know-how in matters of cyber security and cyber crime, even in economically difficult environments.

We take on the role of expert for you efficiently and effectively and relieve you of the burden of questions regarding the appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of technical solutions.

Security concept according to § 109 TKG

According to Section 109 Paragraph 4 of the Telecommunications Act, anyone who operates or provides a public telecommunications network must, among other things, submit a security concept and present it to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

Our employees have already successfully created security concepts for telecommunications network operators and submitted them to the BNetzA. Take advantage of our expertise and ask about our services.

In addition to creating security concepts, we also offer a Word template that you can use to create the security concept yourself.

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