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Code Review / Source Code Review

Security vulnerabilities can be found in the source code of an application during development. A test aimed at this is called a "code review", "source code review" or "source code check".

For example, tests are carried out on memory areas that are not released correctly, on the maintainability of source code, as will be required by BaFin in the future through the "Banking Supervisory Requirements in IT (BAIT)", and on conformity to specifications in which, for example, technical interfaces have been defined.

Our experts will work with you step by step to plan the code review according to your requirements and support you with best practice approaches right from the start-up phase.

We offer code reviews for a variety of programming languages, including C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Swift (iOS), and Java in the context of the Android SDK.

Automated code reviews

Automated procedures are used to support our code reviews. We use tools that automatically detect simple programming errors in your source code, giving our reviewers the opportunity to review your code more efficiently.

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