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ISO 27001 certification for micro-enterprises and craft businesses: Costs and benefits at a glance

ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for information security management, is not only relevant for large companies, but also for micro-enterprises and craft businesses. This article takes a detailed look at the benefits that these companies can gain, as well as the specific costs that can be expected from ISO 27001 certification.

Why is ISO 27001 also important for micro-enterprises and craft businesses? Even in micro-enterprises and craft businesses, information security and data protection are crucial. ISO 27001 offers a structured approach to identifying, assessing and managing security risks. Especially in craft businesses, which often work with sensitive customer information, certification can strengthen trust and create competitive advantages.

Benefits for micro-enterprises and craft businesses:

  1. Customer trust: ISO 27001 certification creates trust among customers and business partners by proving that the company takes information security seriously.

  2. Competitive advantage: Certification can serve as a competitive advantage, especially in industries where trust and security play a major role.

  3. Risk management: The implementation helps to identify and proactively manage potential security risks, which is particularly important in craft businesses with sensitive customer data.

  4. Increased efficiency: Structured processes enable more efficient use of resources, which also has a positive impact in smaller companies.

Costs of ISO 27001 certification for micro-enterprises and craft businesses: The costs of ISO 27001 certification can vary depending on the size of the company and the complexity of the processes. Here are rough estimates specifically tailored to micro-enterprises and craft businesses:

  1. Training and resources (approximately €1,500 - €3,500): Investing in training for employees and resources such as templates can make implementation easier.

  2. External consulting (approx. €5,000 - €9,000): Collaboration with external experts, especially for evaluation and validation, can incur additional costs.

  3. Certification costs (approx. €5,000 - €9,000): The fees for the actual certification depend on the certification body and the scope of the certification.

Conclusion: Investing in ISO 27001 certification is worthwhile even for small businesses and craft businesses. The benefits in terms of customer trust, competitiveness and risk management often outweigh the costs. Through smart use of resources and customized implementation, these companies can complete ISO 27001 certification efficiently and cost-effectively. As an experienced senior expert in information security at Blackfort Technology, I recommend that small businesses and craft businesses review the steps to certification and thus strengthen their information security.

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